INDEPENDENT RESEARCH LABORATORY "STANLAB" A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY conducts a project co-financed from European Funds "Implementation by the STANLAB company from Bielawy of an innovative service to detect adulteration of meat products"

Objective of the Project:
Implementation of the results of research and development through the introduction of product innovation into the offer - the service of detecting adulteration of meat products, developed individually by the Independent Research Laboratory "STANLAB" Sp. z o.o.

Project description:
The aim of the project is to implement innovative services on a national scale. The use of innovative achievements in the field of histological evaluation of meat products will allow expanding and enrich the service offer of the STANLAB Laboratory for the histological evaluation of meat products in terms of their tissue composition and the detection of bone and cartilage parts. The method of microscopic analysis makes it possible to determine which tissues the examined meat product is made of (muscular, connective, including fat, cartilage and bone tissue), as well as allows identification of other ingredients (e.g of vegetable origin) used in meat processing, e.g carrageen, flour, starch, gluten, protein of vegetable origin. Along with chemical analysis, it gives the opportunity to accurately depict the composition and quality of meat and its products. Currently, there are no similar services and services on the Polish market. As part of the project, fixed assets will be purchased - 2 sets enabling the implementation of the indicated service: a set for the determination of boneparts by histological paraffin and a set of PCR.

The implementation of the project will enable the implementation of an innovative service that will simultaneously improve the quality and safety of meat products available to consumers on the Polish market.

Co-financing of a project from the EU (ERDF): PLN 275 850,00

Sampling and Water Research intended to for human consumption

Dear Sir or Madam,
we would like to inform you that the Independent Research Laboratory STANLAB Sp. z o.o. once again, it was approved by the State District Sanitary Inspector in the field testing of water intended for human consumption and water samples in the field of research - in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 07 December 2017.on the quality of water intended for human consumption (Dz. U. 2017. pos. 2294).

New edition of the scope of accreditation AB 819

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am please inform you that on 3 July 2019 the PCA decided to extend the accreditation No. AB 819 for another accreditation cycle with in the a greed scope of accreditation.
We meet the requirements of the new edition of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02.

EI would like to inform that in the area of chemical tests, the scope of accreditation has been extended by:
• for meat and processed meat and delicatessen:
- Nitrite and nitrate content - enzymatic and spectrophotometric method for water for human consumption:
- Ammonium ion - spectrophotometric method

• In the area of microbiological tests, the scope of accreditation has been extended by: for meat and processed meat:
- Detection of antibiotics and sulfonamides -diffusion method for meat and processed meat and environmental samples from food production areas: swabs from limited and unrestricted areas, including hands:
- The presence of Listeria monocytogenes specific DNA in 25 g - Real-time PCR method for meat and processed meat and other food products (in accordance with the scope of accreditation):
- Gliadin content - immunoenzymatic method (ELISA) and gluten content form the calculation.

The update concerned changes in measurement ranges for selected parameters and reference documents.


Wewouldliketoinformyou thattheIndependentResearchLaboratorySTANLABsp. zo.o.has beenapproved (updateofthedecisionof 03.06.2015) bytheChiefVeterinaryOfficerinthescopeofmicrobiologicaltests.

Updating the scope of accreditation AB 819

We inform that on 19 thFebruary 2019 in PCA, was taken decisions about of the upgrade PN-EN ISO 18593: 2018-08 "Microbiology of the food chain. Horizontal methods foe surface sampling”
The current edition of the scope of accreditation can be found for our web site or the website of the Polish Center for Accreditation at